About Us

How it all began…

In the early 2000, Dr Girish Rao, a leading Faciomaxillary Surgeon and Dr Anandakrishna G N, a budding Prosthodontist, started practicing exclusive Implantology together in Bangalore, India. Over the years having successfully rehabilitated hundreds of patients with dental implants, both of them realized that there was an acute need to train other dentists in India in the rapidly developing field of Implantology.

In 2005, they started the first advanced surgical and prosthetic course in Implantology. This was a comprehensive programme conducted over 6 months period in 4 module and gave hands on clinical training in both surgical and prosthetic aspects of Implantology. The overwhelming response and resounding success has seen 350 dental practitioners from both India and abroad going through the training and successfully incorporating Implantology into their practice.

To further enhance the skills of dental practitioners in Implantology and also to create a forum to discuss and interact on the challenging cases an Implant Study Group(ISG) was created. The aim of this group is to share knowledge and continue professional development in the exciting field of Implantology.


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