Course Name: ISG Surgical Mastership Programme (4th Batch )

Course Date: 20th 21st 22nd 23rd April 2017

Course Name: ISG Fellowship Programme (Module 1)

Course Date: March 31th, April 1st and 2nd 2017

Fees for this is Rs.1,20,000/-

Please note the course fee for this is Rs.60,000


Course Date: 2nd 3rd and 4th June 2017

Module 2 - Surgical module. Participants will Plan and place two implants in patients. The module is entirely mentor guided.

Course Name: ISG Prosthetic Mastership Programme

Course Date: 3 days

Many scenarios in Implant dentistry pose a challenge which can be resolved with prosthetic expertise. With development of newer technologies and techniques it is important for a clinician to upgrade and update the skill levels to meet higher standard of care. The modern day Implantologist is spoilt for choice when it comes to the materials and techniques. Every new system coming in to the field brings with it its own unique ways of doing things.

A clinician should be abreast with the current understanding of the technology and apply the same to better patient care.The Prosthetic Mastership Programme by Implant Study Group, will in the gaps and expose you to the newer technologies in restorative dentistry.

Course Name: ISG FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME 36TH BATCH 4,5,6 August 2017

Course Date: 3 days

Course Name: Module 2 Batch 36

Course Date: 3 days

Course Name: ISG Fellowship Programme (Batch 37)

Course Date: Dec 1,2 & 3 2017


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