ISG Fellowship programme (Batch 39) - 3 days.

Implant Mastership Programme

Programme highlights

  • ISG an affiliate study club with introduces the advanced credentialing mastership training programme in India.
  • Surgical and Prosthetic Mastership programmes are mentor guided focus programmes that help the clinicians hone specific skills.
  • Programmes designed to provide in depth understanding of advanced procedures.
  • Incorporation of advanced diagnostic planning & treatment techniques.
  • All surgical hands on training exercises on specially preserved cadavers (For the first time in India)

Prosthetic Mastership Programme – 3 days

Course Limit – 20 ONLY

Course Fee – Rs.30,000 + 15% Service Tax (Rs.20,000 to be paid in advance to confirm participation)

• Principles of Impression making

Direct & indirect techniques

Abutment level and Implant level

• Understanding Prosthetic components

Abutment – Selection and Modification

Customization of abutments using CAD CAM technology

Implant Improvisionalization – Materials, technique and Indications

• Implant Overdentures

Diagnosis and treatment planning

Attachment types – Selection criteria

• Full mouth rehabilitation

Stents for full mouth restoration

Conventional and CT based – Diagnosis & treatment Planning

Restorative procedures and protocols

• Management of restorative complications

• Hands-On

Impression making procedures in different situations

Customization of abutments – Lab and software based

CT based Planning and Software applications


Surgical Mastership programme – 4days

• Bone modification techniques

Ridge splitting techniques


Piezo surgery

Bone condensation

Osteotome technique

• Bone graft harvesting techniques

Block bone using


Ramus bone

• Guided bone regeneration technique

• Graft materials

Critical evaluation

Grafting protocols Indication

• Sinus lift



• Implants in compromised maxilla

Pterygold Implants

• Hands on (Of all the above techniques)


On pig heads

Specially preserved human cadavers* – First of its kind in India

Registration fee (60,000 INR + 15% Service Tax)


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